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The measuring system for air mass flow rate determination – difficult measuring conditions – case study


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Numerical study of the centrifugal contra rotating blade system


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Influence of construction and operating pump parameters on pressure pulsations amplitude 


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The ways to increase the efficiency of the stage of low specific speed


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Numerical simulation and experimental investigation of submersible sewage mixer performance


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The influence of the impeller construction on the performance of one channel pump


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The influence of a pipe impeller external shape on the pump parameters


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Effect of gas content in the pumped liquid on the characteristics of a torque flow pump


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Combined Operating Process of Torque Flow Pump


P.10 V. Kondus, V. German, V. Panchenko (Sumy State University)

Improving the efficiency of the operating process of high specific speed torque-flow pumps by upgrading the flowing part design


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Cyclic deformation of separating tape in electromagnetic rolling pump


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Improving reliability and efficiency of hydraulic turbines


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The influence of the design parameters of the rotors of the planetary hydraulic motor on the change in the output characteristics of the mechatronic system